Staying in Wisconsin Over Spring Break? Visit These Top Tourist Attractions!


Image of the Milwaukee Art Museum, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Isabella Garofani

Spring Break is a time of relaxation and leisure for many worn out high school students. According to Travel Agent Central, 53% of people plan on traveling this year to top destination spots in places such as New Orleans, Paris, or London. On the other hand, 47% of people part of this statistic are not traveling anywhere this Spring Break and instead plan on staying home. For high school students staying in Muskego, Wisconsin over Spring Break, there’s many exciting activities to do that do not require much traveling. With that said, dive in to find out ten nearby popular tourist attractions in Wisconsin.

1. The Milwaukee Art Museum

~The well known Milwaukee Art Museum has a collection of 25,000 pieces of art and is one of the largest art museums in the United States. This is an amazing place to experience the true beauty of art from different periods of time!

2. Discovery World

~Discovery World is a science and technology museum with many exhibits such as an Aquarium, a Virtual Explorer Lab, and a Design It Lab. This museum is located in Downtown Milwaukee and is filled with many fun activities for all ages.

3. The Domes: Mitchell Park Conservatory

~The Domes, which is located at Mitchell Park in Milwaukee, contains beautiful floral gardens, tropical jungles filled with unique plants, and a magnificent desert oasis. The Domes is a great place to experience the true beauty of nature!

4. Milwaukee County Zoo

~The Milwaukee County Zoo is a splendid place to visit during Spring Break on a nice warm day! The zoo houses approximately 1,800 animals ranging from apes to elephants to lions.  

5. Milwaukee Public Museum

~The Milwaukee Public Museum historically dates back to opening up to the public in the year of 1884, and from there has grown into a popular tourist attraction for friends and family. This museum has three floors of exhibits full of valuable history as well as a butterfly garden.

6. Boerner Botanical Gardens

~Located in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, the Botanical Gardens is filled with five beautiful gardens full of different flowers and plants. On a warm, bright day, this destination spot is great to explore with friends or family!

7. Devil’s Lake State Park

~Located in the Baraboo Range in eastern Sauk County, just south of Baraboo, Wisconsin, this park serves as a great attraction spot to be active. Since Devil’s Lake State Park is the biggest state park in Wisconsin, hiking the hills to walking on the beautiful trails offers an experience of a lifetime.   

8. Cave of the Mounds

~Cave of the Mounds is located around Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, and is for its cave with many variations of mineral formations found in the cave and rocks. This is an amazing place to explore with friends or family over Spring Break!  

9. Wisconsin Dells

~The Wisconsin Dells is huge popular attraction for people to travel to over Spring Break or quite frankly any break. The Dells houses immense amounts of theme parks and entertainment parks such as Mt. Olympus and Noah’s Ark Water Parks. Near Wisconsin Dells, Mirror Lake State Park has many forest trails that tourists can hike on as well as the opportunity for them to camp overnight.   

10. Milwaukee Public Market

~The Milwaukee Public Market is located in the Historic Third Ward and consists of different food markets and bakeries. This is a great place to spend time with friends and family in Downtown Milwaukee.