Giving Blood to Save Lives


Julia Wendland

Showing those you love during the day of love is what Valentine’s Day is all about. What better way to spend Cupid’s day than saving up to three lives? This past Valentine’s Day, Muskego High School’s Student Council helped to host a blood drive through the organization BloodCenter of Wisconsin. With the help of all Student Council members, especially Melanie Davis, this event was able to have a successful outcome.

Taken by student, Lauren Saphner.

Melanie Davis is the Community Events Co-Chairman of the Student Council Executive Board. With the help of the Student Council advisor, Kelli Clark; the promotional direction, Quin Alfredson; and the BloodCenter representative; he blood drive was able to be promoted thoroughly and encouraged students to sign up. Melanie’s job consists mainly of keeping everything organized to have a smooth-running event. This year Melanie stated that she made sure, “the food for the BloodCenter volunteers [was] purchased, the shirts [were] designed and order, the promotional materials [were] received and distributed, announcements [were] made… [that] donors [were registered] during lunch”. Despite all of the picky organization, the event had an impeccable outcome, and the BloodCenter of Wisconsin was extremely grateful.

This year, because of all of the snow and cold days, there were fewer volunteers for donating blood equaling to ninety-eight attempts from students and staff members. With the massive amount of volunteers, the BloodCenter is able to successfully gain an abundance of usable blood. High schools are a huge way that blood centers gain blood for people in need. Melanie said that with everyone’s participation and help this year, “our drive collected 80 total blood products which will help up to 240 local patients!”

Taken by student, Lauren Saphner.

This event not only benefits the students of Muskego High School, but it helps people in need who are fighting for their lives. Melanie’s favorite part of this event is, “simply knowing that I am making a difference in my community by organizing an event that allows our high school to save lives!”