Changing an Elder’s Life One Visit at a Time

Sammi Pearson

Julia Wendland

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Recently, the students of the Muskego High School Psychology Club were able to spread the joy of the Christmas season to local elderly residents. After school, the entire bunch traveled to the Elder Care Cottages in Big Bend to show them a little happiness. After arriving and greeting the elderly community with cheerful faces, the students sat down and found a resident to bond with. The first activity was singing Christmas tunes with the residents. The Psychology Club created a booklet of popular Christmas songs to give the residents a reference while singing. Two gifted singing musicians from Muskego High School, Alex Tolentino and Nicole Fernau, led the group in singing the songs. Ending the songs with the lights dimming and singing Silent Night had everyone’s heart warmed with Christmas cheer. Joining together through song, the students of Muskego High School Psychology Club and the residents at the Elder Care facility were able to grow closer and create an everlasting friendship.


After singing Christmas songs, crafts were brought forth with the Psychology Club kids helping the elders create something memorable. Christmas cards were made and snowflakes were cut out. The president of the Psychology Club, Ellie Olson, says she helped an elderly woman with arthritis make a Christmas card for her son she would’ve otherwise not been able to make. The helpful and willing hands of the Psychology Club change the lives of the elder residents. Most of the residents do not have the privilege of seeing their families very often so having a caring high school student around really works to lift their mood. Ellie Olson’s favorite memory from this trip is that, “you can really feel that you’re making a difference. I love being able to talk to the residents and hear about their lives, and they are always so grateful to have someone to talk to and do activities with.” She believes that the difference the high school students are making in the elders lives are not one to be forgotten.


Each time the students go to the Elder Care Cottages, everyone is able to say they made a new friend from the trip. Changing an elder’s life one visit at a time is what the Psychology Club is all about.

Sammi Pearson