MHS Band Heads to NYC & Phili


Julia Wendland

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciating all that is in a person’s life. Throughout the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving, the choir and band of Muskego High School was able to perform in New York City and Philadelphia. Accompanied by the band directors Mr. Beckman and Mr. Mueller and the choir directors Mr. Wanner and Mrs. Michels, the students gleefully pursued something they love so much in the city of opportunities.

Students and chaperones climbed aboard the coach buses on November 18th for a twenty hour bus ride. The drive consisted of various stops all throughout the trip and the creation of memories with every mile that was taken. 506 people were included in this adventure in total and 506 people left this journey happier and having closer bonds than before.

Upon arrival in New York City, students were able to freely roam and explore the town as they pleased. Musicals were watched, clothes were bought, and memories were made. Although the trip began with freedom for the students, both the choir and the band had performances in the upcoming days.

Each of the choirs, Warrior Chorus and Sorelle Cantanti and Chorale, were able to sing in different locations. Warrior Chorus was able to sing at the Statue of Liberty for all the public to see. Chorale and Sorelle Cantanti sang at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral; which is one of the most well-known cathedrals in the United States. Lastly, Chorale had the privilege to be the opening act to the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall!

Contributed by Mr. Beckman.
Contributed by Mr. Beckman.
Contributed by Mr. Beckman.

Not only was choir given opportunities to shine in New York City, but the band marched through the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is longest running Thanksgiving Day parade in the entire country! According to Mr. Beckman, “the day we marched was the coldest temperature in the 99 year history of the parade!”

A trip like this with friends that share a common passion is one to last a lifetime. The band, the choir, the performances, the friendships — all had an impact on the everlasting remembrance created. The moment the choir and band performed, a feeling of satisfaction and relief rushed over the group of Muskego High School. As Mr. Beckman watched the band perform all he thought that we, “talk so much about what it’s going to look / feel like in every class, and to see it finally happen for students is really special.”’


Every band and choir director that came on the trip is in agreement that people stepped onto those buses and the first emotion was nervousness. They were going to be away from their family for so long, especially over a holiday! As the trip continued students began to share their passion for music and their love for the arts. Stepping onto those buses were nervous children, but when they arrived home, the students had unbreakable bonds and a soaring confidence. So this last Thanksgiving season, the band and choir students can give a thanks to their directors who allowed them to become the bold people that they are!