Operation Merry Christmas

Bella Mendez

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Operation Merry Christmas, a time where kids under the poverty line get gifts, meet santa and celebrate Christmas.  This program was created by Mrs. Houge and is a field trip for student in World of Children and Financial Independence.  Operation Merry Christmas is ran by students who raise money to throw a Christmas celebration for children whose families fall at or below the poverty line.  Over 15 years the lives of over 2,000 children ages 3 and 4 have been touched by the joyful feeling of Christmas.  On Thursday December 20th students will travel to the Waukesha County Head Start Program to create a day of laughter and happiness for kids who may not have such an extravagant Christmas.  Throughout the day the kids will do crafts, meet Santa, make a gift for their parents and receive two brand new gifts.  In order to ensure that each child gets two gift we need your help.  If you could donate a $5 or $10 dollar gift it would be greatly appreciated.  Money is also accepted to buy face paint, stickers, beaded necklaces, coloring books, wrapping paper and tape.  Gifts can be brought to Mrs. Houge’s room #263 by December 14th.  We cannot take coloring books or coloring utensils, toys weapons, movies, outside toys, stuffed animals or board games.  Some examples for girls are Barbie dolls, Baby dolls, My Little Ponies, Princesses and Crowns/Tiaras.  Examples for boys are Superheros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Matchbox cars and Dinosaurs.