An Opportunity of a Lifetime


Julia Wendland, Author

An opportunity beyond compare was brought into the life of junior, Collin Woldt. An invitation to become a part of the Senate page in Washington D.C. was made known to Collin. Beginning in the spring of sophomore year, Collin first found out about this opportunity from both his seventh and tenth grade teacher. Tina Woldt, Collin’s mother said that Mrs. Glaser, Collin’s tenth grade teacher, “was a great advocate for Collin.” In order to apply requirements had to be met including, being in eleventh grade, holding good grades, having letters of recommendation, and writing a tasteful essay. After meeting all that was needed, Collin’s dream became a reality. Living in Washington D.C. from early September until January involves a school education in the morning and working on the Senate floor while the Senate is in session during the afternoon hours.

Collin’s parents, Tina and AJ, share nothing but happiness and pride for the achievements of their exceeding son. Although this opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime one, Tina and AJ experienced a roller coaster of emotion when the news first came through. Collin’s parents said, “Initially we were excited, then scared, then overwhelmed and somewhat sad as the time got closer.”

This door that Collin has been led through could lead to many opportunities in his future. Tina and AJ were pleased to hear this was taking place in Washington D.C. as that is one of Collin’s favorite places ever since fourth grade.

 Specific information relating to this Washington D.C. opportunity is rather secret due to the government, but what Collin is doing is being immersed in the politics of the country during a time of controversy. Along with getting to know people of high-ranking in the government, Collin is able to meet people from all over the world that are involved with the United States government. Tina and AJ say that Collin is, “meeting adults from various educational, political, social, and cultural backgrounds.” No matter where Collin goes in life, the memories of this opportunity will be ones to remember forever.