A Talented Student Artist – Melanie Davis


Melanie Davis is a Junior here at Muskego who is known mostly for her amazing artistic ability and passion for art. As I personally spoke with Melanie she states that she has always loved art. She also explains it took her awhile to perfect it but since she has come a long way it has made her a stronger and better artist. Melanie has been doing art throughout her childhood, middle school and still now in high school and hopes to pursue that more throughout her lifetime. At a very small age when in fourth grade Melanie entered into an art contest for the “duck stamp competition” she didn’t think of entering because she was pretty sure she wouldn’t get anything out of it, but on the last day, her art teacher insisted because she knew her talent was worth showing. When Melanie got an award for that competition she realized that her art was worth something and she was talented. After that point, she lead herself to really be serious about her art and to believe that her art was special. She explains that she is so happy that she chose to submit that painting because she doesn’t know if she would have had as much confidence in herself. Another moment of achievement for Melanie was in 8th grade when her art teacher asked her to bring in some of her art from home and have it displayed it at the library along with her class projects. It made her feel like her art was special and appreciated. High school is when she really started to become who she is today as an artist and she knows she has grown so much throughout her 3 years here, and she can’t wait for another year of ap studio.