Prom for All Ages


Julia Wendland

On April 13, the student council of Muskego High School, hosted a prom for the regency members at Muskego Regency. This prom was a night to remember for both the volunteers and the elderly participants. This has been a tradition for student council throughout the years. At this prom, kids are not the only ones that are seen on the dance floor. Sara Perry saw, “how one of the lady’s (a resident of the regency) teaches the boy how to waltz.” People of all ages, whether they are in a wheelchair or able to walk, were busting out their best moves. Along with dancing at this prom, a raffle is set up for the residents of the regency. When people started to get a little tired, punch and cake was offered to revive the elders so they’re ready to party some more! All through the night, people were dancing away until the prom court was selected. Each year, student council picks names out of a hat to choose which of the elders will be the prince, princess, king, and queen of prom. Nothing brings out the joy in their faces more than asking the winner to sit in a throne and wear a crown with pride. “My favorite part is the joy we bring to them and seeing how happy they get when they win one of our raffle prizes or are crown prom royalty,” Sara Perry states. Senior citizen prom is a way to involve the elders in the community. Mrs. Clark brings to focus that, “After the band starts playing and people start smiling and dancing, students realize how much it means to the Regency residents to have us there.” This experience changes both how the high school kids think of elders and how the residents feel towards teenagers. It’s beneficial in the sense that people who don’t usually interact are having fun doing the same activity and also Sara believes that it allows, “the youth to give back to the elderly community by spending time talking, dancing, and eating cake with them.” Mrs. Clark says there’s nothing more beneficial than for “people on both ends of the age gap to interact.” These interactions are filled with gratitude and allows students to become more comfortable in an adult situation.