Teacher Feature: Ms.Calteux

Kaitlin Foley, Senior Editor

 Muskego High School has welcomed many new teachers this year, one being Ms. Calteux. She is a new teacher in the math department and teaches Algebra I and Algebra II. One of her Algebra II students says, “I love her because of her easy-going vibe and her positive attitude!” We recently surveyed our beloved Ms. Calteux so we could get to know her a little more. And here are the results:

What is your 6 word memoir?

“Calteux’s my name, math’s my game.”

What do you usually do when you have leisure time?

“I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my family and friends, and painting in my free time.”

What is your favorite snack, book, musician, and school subject?

“I love pretzels, the Harry Potter series, Jimmy Buffet, and math of course!”

Where did you attend college?

“I attended Carroll University.”

What do you like most about MHS?

“I love how welcoming everyone has been in my first year teaching; the faculty and the students are all amazing!”

What has been your favorite moment as an MHS teacher?

“It’s awesome hearing about the students’ incredible accomplishments (college acceptance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc.)”

What is one thing you want student to know about you that wasn’t asked?

“I am inspired by students who display consistent dedication.”

What is one prediction you have for the upcoming school year?

“I predict the Mr. Irvine will dress up like Vanilla Ice again …”

So, for those of you registered in Ms. Calteux’s class that want to get on her good side, make sure to show that consistent dedication, and maybe bring her some pretzels ;). Thanks for taking our survey Ms. Calteux!