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The Funniest “WHODUNIT” in MHS

Jenna Bishop

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“The Murder in the Knife Room.”  Sounds scary, right?  Well, the drama club of MHS made this seemingly scary room to be filled with laughs and fun.  There was full attendance, and everyone made the premiere so funny that even the actors laughed backstage.  They made the dark and stormy night into a night filled with good memories.  On the stage, 19 people were invited to Mysterious Host’s knife room, where everyone tells this host all the things that happened between them and him/her.  Then there was a person who walked up behind Mysterious Host, soon the lights go out, and the host is killed.  WHODUNIT?  This play was the funniest play that no one will forget.  Especially when they find out what’s in the box…which I’m not going to say unless you were at the play.  Everyone had a good time and lots of fun.  Thank you MHS Drama Club for putting on a talk-of-the-school play.

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The Funniest “WHODUNIT” in MHS