Taylor Tabbert Signs To Play Division 1 Soccer


Taylor Tabbert

Taylor Tabbert Signs With The Panthers

Brandon Hungelmann-Skiba, Writer

Taylor Tabbert is a highly athletic senior here at Muskego High School. Over the past 13 years, Taylor has not only played, but accelerated at learning the sport of soccer. Starting at age 5, Taylor began falling in love with the sport; her older brother Sean–currently playing collegiate soccer–aided her through every game and inspires her every day. The last 5 years Taylor has played as a member of FC Wisconsin Eclipse, a year round soccer club. All the years of hard work payed off, living by “Nothing great comes from comfort zones,” on February 1st, 2017, Taylor signed to play Division 1 Collegiate Soccer as a UW-Milwaukee Panther. Taylor’s goal is to not only be a member of the team, but to find her name on the starting roster all four years of her collegiate career. As a college student attending UW-Milwaukee, Taylor plans to major in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering. After college, Taylor plans to find herself with a successful job that emphasizes in Environmental Engineering. Warrior’s Word and Muskego wish Taylor the best of luck on her journey!