Gilmore Girls Revival – Success or failure?

Gilmore Girls Revival - Success or failure?

Bella Goldstein

Who is a fan of Gilmore Girls? I am. Who was excited for the revival, the hour long episodes? I was. Who thought the new episodes where nothing like they thought it would be? I did. The thought of a revival of a well-loved show like Gilmore Girls is thrilling, especially when it comes almost a decade later. Who wouldn’t want to see what their favorite characters have been up to? Well, on November 25, people across the country settled in to watch the newest – and hopefully best – episodes. However, some of them were in for a surprise. Gilmore Girls original writers Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino are back and they are the head writers for the revival. While the show continued with its little quirks like fast talking and classic movie references, fans were disappointed. Something about the show was lacking. Along with the less than spectacular plot line, it was revealed that Edward Herrmann, Lorelai’s father and good-natured accountant, would not be returning to the show. He died in December of 2014 after a tough battle with brain cancer. Because of all these subtle changes, fans were not thrilled with the revival. The original seasons, which stopped airing in 2007, were much better than these four special episodes. Although they were not the most wonderful episodes, Gilmore Girls remains a favorite across dozens of states.