Welcome to Warrior Country: Wiktoria & Martina

This year at MHS, our school is proud to have a ton of foreign exchange students this year.  Luckily, two were able to make the student feature this year.

One of the students is from Milan, Italy.  Her name is Martina Bozzo (pronounced BAH-ZO, left).  She loves America for its flag, the songs, and the honor that we, as Americans, show for our country.  There is a difference in food, as she described “chicken alfredo is not Italian.”  She loves her two cities, Venice and her hometown, for their monuments and historic streets.  Upon returning to Italy, Martina is planning on going into a college that offers fashion and foreign language degrees.


The second student feature is from Poland: Wiktoria Szurawska (pronounced Victoria, right)… .  She really likes the school here in America for it has more choices for classes, clubs and sports.  Plus the teacher’s prioritizes the needs of the students a lot more than she expected.  She describes the people of America as “open and more enthusiastic… I really appreciate people who want to help or offer a ride even if I don’t know them.”  Back in her country, she loves the freedom of being independent, even without a car of her own.  She loves using public transport, the bus, train and subway.  She wants to go into college and would love to travel back to the US someday.

We are glad to have these two students here at MHS.  Welcome to Warrior Country!