Get to Know Mr. Kunick

This school year, 2017-2018, a new teacher has come into the Warrior’s mist.  Our lucky winner: Tyler Kunick, a football coach that came to MHS in 2017 after receiving a degree in teaching from UW-Madison.  In his freetime, Mr. Kunick enjoys activities that include walking his dog, reading, watching movies and working out. When asked about some of the things he likes, he stated that his favorite snack is Greek yogurt.  His favorite book is Chop Wood Carry Water,  a book that gives advice for those who want to become the best that they can be.  Mr. Kunick also included that his favorite musician is Eric Church, an American country songwriter and singer.  Mr. Kunick’s favorite subject as a student was math. The one thing that he loves about MHS is that the people at our high school makes it a “fun and welcoming place to be!”  So whenever you see Mr. Kunick, think of  the advice that he would offer students: “Make Today the Best Day Ever.”